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Educational and Interactive Tool for Teaching Ho'okele, Traditional Hawaiian Navigation.

The night sky holds an abundance of knowledge, which has long been utilized by Pacific Island voyagers. This prolific culture of voyaging has been repeatedly challenged and denied by colonial powers in order to erase the indigenous narrative and perpetuate a colonial myth of conquest and superiority. With this project, the author rejects the narratives constructed by colonial society and works to provide a platform in which the history and methods of Hoʻokele are shared as an open source, educational tool for a contemporary audience, particularly Native Hawaiian youth. Through this reclaiming of history comes an empowerment that in turn, promotes the emergence of diverse pathways towards decolonization.


Society v. 2012: Subversive Strategy for Supplanting the Growth Imperative

Envisioning a New Society:
- Resiliency
- Sustainability
- Autonomy

Identifying the strategy:
- Diversification
- Decentralization
- De-growth

Hosting of Professor Noam Chomsky at the Vermont Law School.

Part of my "Radical Speaker Series" featuring Noam Chomsky, Derrick Jensen, and others. (This is part 1 of a 5 part video)

These roots run deep.

A project on Hawaiian water rights when I was 12 years old.