Leading the charge "Worldwide March Against Monsanto"

Speaking to get the rally started and also included, a brief interview regarding Monsanto on Maui. March 2013.

The Voices of Freedom  

Video created for fundraising campaign documenting Burma's Voices of Freedom for a new edition of The Voice of Hope. A global initiative supporting Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's emerging democracy, and freedom for oppressed peoples worldwide

Campaign Fundraiser Speech 2008

Speech given during 2008 run for State House of Representatives, District 12, Maui, Hawai'i.

Candidate Debate 2008

Candidate Debate hosted by the Kula Community Association in 2008 between the two Democratic candidates, Summer Starr (challenger) and Kyle Yamashita (incumbent).

At 12 minutes 45 seconds is when I confront the incumbent about the fact that  $0.00 had come from within our District.
At 16 minutes 30 seconds he admits that he could not think of a question that would be challenging for me.
He won the election by a 10% margin. Politics.



Take Action

Info on how to make your voice heard on County, State, and Federal Legislation can be found on the Advocacy page.