June 19, 2016: And Then There Were Three

O ke Ao ke kane
O ka Po ka wahine
Hānau mai ka laua
O Kapaʻakukahonua

Created on Equinox.
Brought into the light on Solstice.

Silence. Contemplation. Surrender. Tribulations. Hibernation. Retreat.
Honoring the silence of building of a new, tender little bud.

This is our blessed journey and we accept it wholeheartedly with grace and vulnerability, intuition and humbleness, arms wide open, arms wrapped warmly around this precious child.
Our child.
Our little sprout.

A gift from beyond, a gift to cherish, nurture, and bear witness to.
A love, a growing unlike any we have had the pleasure to experience before.
This growing is forever.

In awe.
In love.

The blog was on sabbatical while I immersed myself in the experience of pregnancy and birth. Motherhood begins to mature in full now. I am unsure as to how I will choose to utilize the blog moving forward. At this time, I make no promises except to those that pertain to my family and the beautiful life I have been given to worship and care for. New writings have emerged and undoubtedly will continue to arise. I am allowing myself and my child the space for those thoughts and writings to emerge at their own pace, on their own schedule.

We appreciate all the excitement that has been shared with us regarding this new phase in our lives. Thank you. Know that we will not be sharing pictures of our child on social media for some time to respect her own tender psychic development. Coming into being on Earth is hard work. There is a whole lifetime ahead of her and we would like to preserve as much peace and quiet for her, in all realms, for as long as we are able. Mahalo for respecting our desire to do so. 

Until then....

October 1, 2015: Legendary Compound

Legends compounded on one compound.

Checklist of Life:
✓ Facetime with master navigator halfway across the globe embarking on the longest contemporary voyage of a traditional Polynesian sailing vessel
✓ Meet his mom
✓ Cook her dinner


September 23, 2015: Do Not Suffer Fools

Save for the occasional internet-creeper-stranger-danger, I have not ever formally "blocked" another user on facebook.

I recognize that I'm not difficult to internet stalk. My website is www.myname.com for goodness sake, I do a blog post every gawd-damn day, I speak publicly, I live on a small island from a family that extends several generations, and thus I hear the things that are said about me; true, false, complimentary, slanderous, and hilarious. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe that nothing stays hidden here. Nor does it take a genius to observe that the best remedy is: Don't have anything to hide.

Truth always rises to the top.

Like many things as of late, my give o' shit meter has taken a wild swing toward the "fuck this noise" end of the spectrum. I can only endure being annoyed for so long before I finally swat the relentlessly shameless mosquito-elephant in the room.