October 9, 2013: Gypsy Essentials - Lesson #2

Be your own apothecary.

- Knife (crucial)
- Food that doesn't suck (because where you will find your next meal is always a mystery)
- Cayenne pepper (Fall is upon us, girl's traveling solo and gotta keep warm somehow)
- Ginger (ditto)
- Himalayan Salt (more uses than you think)
- Bee pollen (like honey but without the sticky backpack)

Not pictured:
- Spirulina
- Astaxanthin
- Chia seed
- Cacao
- Gan mao ling
- Lavender oil
- And an admittedly excessive selection of teas

"Wait, wait?!" You may be saying.

"Lesson #1 was to rock just one bag. Food, herbs, and knifes take up space! Now I am confused." You may be thinking.

Solution: Prioritize. I choose to lug around multiple algae supplements: blue-green and red rather than multiple pairs of pants: blue, green, and red. Black tights do just fine.

I value my nervous system more than the consumerist system.