December 2, 2013: New Moon Manifest

Fingers ✝ Crossed ✝

Why crossed?
Seems that would be rather limiting.
Kinesthetically speaking >>> and thus quite the antithesis of lucky.
              Must you?
              Can't you see we have company?

Maybe it's a surrender thing,
Wouldn't surprise me one bit the way things are going.
Or maybe its another subconscious throwback to subversive religious symbolism.

               Oh stop it, Madame Sartre.
               Can't you just appreciate things for what they are?

That's the goal, really.
I just haven't quite determined the "thing"ness for which to demonstrate appreciation of its "are"ness.

              Oh, Christ...

My point exactly!
The Cross!
Even in superstitious crossed finger lair of Beelzebub.


Yes. My nails are dirty.
No. It's not your business.