December 8, 2013: (De)Occupy

So, the whole Occupy Movement:

Game changer.
Still going.
Thank god(dess)(es).
Travelled to NYC for the nascent stages.
Dodging riot police.
Distributing food
Disseminating first issues of "The Occupied Wall Street Journal".
Deep in it.

One kind of massive oversight though --> for nations and peoples that are currently or previously occupied --> not the coolest choice of terminology. Like, at all.

Occupy Wall Street = Groovy!

Occupy Hawai'i = Yeeeeah, that's already being taken care of by the United States government and military. Illegally. Since 1893. As an occupied nation we're kind of spending our days working towards DE-colonization and thus DE-occupation.

Imagine how "Occupy Palestine" must feel.
Too ironic to be ironic.

Industrialized white privilege strikes again!


(Yes, our license plate is a rainbow.
It's that dreamy here.
Like, so dreamy it doesn't even exist.
So don't bother.
Actually, pretend I ever said anything about Hawai'i existing in the first place.
Consider it a blonde moment.)