September 11, 2013: Acorns & Twin Towers.

Words of Wisdom from the Geeg:

"Acorns! So much earthly plethora falling off Nature, yet men wage wars over thinking they do not have enough of this and that. I do mean men  --at war-- not women. One common denominator in the Syrian civil war is: armed men. On both sides, all sides, men. Reporters should point out it is not the Syrian people at war, but Syrian men (and men from other countries pouring in as proxy mercenaries).

On a lighter note, I think acorn flour was a Native American staple. Must take a lot of grinding.

We should put men to work cooking and grinding acorns, to keep them busy and productive and out of trouble. Oops! That's what men say about women....and children."


Step 1: I sent a pic msg of acorns to the all-knowing one known as Gigi.
Step 2: Her response is found above.
Step 3: Said response was quite apropos to today's date: 9/11 (in case every single news source hasn't reminded you 25 times yet)
Step 4: Commence acorn diorama of flaming twin towers. Très poétique.

Step 5: Stop it already. War is sooo last season. Get hip to it, Patriarchy. You had your time, now just step off the runway and stop embarrassing yourself. The new age of Peace is here. She's sexy, she's shiny, she works well with others, she's what the audiences want and she's ready to chassè your tired ass out the spotlight. Exit stage left, merci.