September 14, 2013: B*tch is Blasphemous. Thank (G)od(dess)(es).

There are three things we are advised not to speak of: politics, religion, and sex. Well, religion is really about sex and dominated by politics. Politics is all about sex and dominated by religion. Sex just tries to be sex but is dominated by religion and regulated by politics and we all know that in the end everything, no matter which way you cut it, is about sex. So if sex is everything but politics dominates it into non-existence and religion simply pretends it doesn't exist while both are still clearly driven by it, then that leaves us to talk about only the converse of everything, which is of course, nothing.


The solution: Make sure you recite a politically correct, genderless Hail Mary after feasting on a meal of Kosher pork while stripping off clothing of mixed fibers to make sure you are publicly naked before your evening Quranic prayer of Salat Al-Isha in preparation for engaging in perhaps one of the most human acts known to humans, be it hetero, preferably homo, or who knows: sex. Amen, Hallelujah, Alhamdulillah.

I think that'll fix everything just nicely.