October 13, 2014: Ola i ka Wai

ʻAʻohe wai, ʻaʻohe ola.
No water, no life.

(I am finding it challenging to articulate the immensity of today. But being speechless doesnʻt last long for this wahine walaʻau...an unfortunate convention for those near and dear.)

ʻOʻopu, ʻōpae, hīhīwai, and hapawai waiting to come home, loʻi kalo waiting to quench their thirst, and ka wai, the water, long waiting to be released, finally set free on a day that is celebrated across the United States as "Columbus Day" or "Discovererʻs Day" or "Indigenous Peoples Day" ---> a linguistic trail of gestured acquiescence as the long tail of the once indomitable empire slowly retreats in-between its quivering, gaunt, capitalist legs.

The arrogance of illusory entitlement.
The irreparable vandalism of avarice.
The sanctioned ignorance of privilege.

Encountered, met, and overcome by:

The auspiciousness of timing and release.
The virtues of patience and steadfastness.
The indefatigable spirit of doing what is righteous.

As above, so below.
As below, so above.

Ua loku, ʻōlapa ka uila, kuʻi ka hekili.
So as to match the freshwater figuratively rushing from the mountain to the sea, in an act of biospheric solidarity, the sky today is marked by water rushing from low clouds, lightning shamelessly brandishing its brightness, and thunder beating the drums of the heavens. In celebration. In affirmation. In proclamation. A reminder in the midst of our (mis)perceived human greatness, of our inherent human smallness. Which is to say, the water will always find a way to run its course, whether by the laws of man or the laws of nature.
We best be choosing our allies wisely.

"After 10 years and 4 months...which included a long drawn out contested case, protests, marches, documentaries, a dissenting opinion, appeals, and a Supreme Court ruling, Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā along with Maui Tomorrow and Office Hawaiian Affairs and Earth Justice have secured the release of stream flow from Wailuku Water Company and Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company diversions that have been used for 152 years...E ola ka wai a Kāne."
- Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā

He lā makaʻi nō kēia, o ke kanaka, o ka wai, o Hawaiʻi nei, and a stand for the planet as a whole. My heart has been personally enraptured with restoring stream flow for as long as I can remember. Thus twenty years later to see the fruits of victory begin to ripen, the results of an arduous and continual journey, which has far preceded me, is an honor, a privilege, and a motivation to keep moving forward. Holo i mua, mauka i makai.

"Monday, October 13, 2014 will go in the history books as a monumental victory for so many who have for generations worked tirelessly fighting to re-establish mauka to makai flow of the 4 great waters known as Na Wai Eha. Although this is a victory, we cant forget there are many others still fighting for their share of the water, especially in East Maui. So as we celebrate with those in Central Maui, lets also re-commit support to East Maui residents who have seen more than 100 streams negatively impacted by diversions for more than 100 years."