December 16, 2014: Another email bites the dust...

Nothing like Queen and a little Freddie Mercury to get you through the pre-holiday workload.

Let it be known that I want to break free and imbibe this legislation with some quality we will rock you and roll.

Don't stop me now because I'm having a good time and I think it's gonna do the trick. Senators under pressure will be overcome with satisfaction, something will stir, they will find that special somebody to love within themselves, and they simply won't be able to deny the compelling rhapsody streaming across the pages in front of them. "I want it all" they'll scream and as result, indeed, we will be the champions.

Really though, really it's about Freddie.
He will live forever, whether he wanted to or not.
Fucking legendary.

(p.s. Special gold star to the geek who can identify how many Queen song title references herein)

A moment to reflect upon the wonder that is Mr. Freddie Mercury, if you will.