December 21, 2014: Winter Solstice + New Moon

On the nadir of my namesake.

Met with a dark yet clear sky.
A wounded yet open heart.
An unadulterated ecstasy.
An honest transformation.

“This is a perfect time to imagine and create a new cosmic story that can shape our awareness of the possibilities before us.  Leave behind the patriarchy’s story of terror and fear, greed and domination. The revolution can’t be violent. That’s patriarchy’s answer to things.  We have to bring in something new, something holy, something that brings life rather than death. 

Be a leader with honor and integrity. Be bold. Be courageous. You want to breathe deeply. Ground and center yourself before taking action. Then you can move from your heart. Practice being grounded. This is high voltage energy. It can pop you out of your body. Being centered can be requiring. You are to ride the wave of transformation. Being a leader implies staying centered, grounded and flexible, having the self-respect to live by your own authority.  This is a Cosmic call to the leader within each of us.

Pulling your Higher Consciousness into your choices will empower you to live an authentic life. You will live from love not fear. You want to love both your light and your dark. This creates wholeness and balance. Embracing your shadow will empower you."

Quotation: Albert Camus Astrology:

Quotation: Albert Camus