January 12, 2015: 1 step forward. 2 steps back.

By default I was just subjected to the trailer "The Boy Next Door."

The general plot was as follows:

- Frustrated working housewife/mother can't divorce her cheating husband. Has a one night stand with the strapping neighbor boy. Neighbor boy goes berserk when he can't get more. Neighbor boy turns into a revengeful stalker, ultimately putting the entire family at risk. Thus ensues the suspenseful chase scenes, violence, big explosions, and horror.

What I took from the trailer was as follows:

- Woman knows her husband is an arrogant, lying, cheating fuck-wad. Although she is stunning (Jennifer Lopez), gainfully employed as a teacher, and has support from her friends, she can't leave him. In a moment of "vulnerability," she sleeps with the neighbor boy who lusts for her. Rather than ask her husband for an open marriage, or perhaps an orgy with the neighbor boy and the secretary her husband fucks on the daily, she stays in a fearful silence. So now, she's terrified to tell her husband the truth, terrified to tell the school (where she teaches and the boy is a student) the truth and is subsequently stalked, threatened, emotionally, and physically tortured. And there is nowhere for her to go.

That - is an extremely fucked up message.

In summary:
- Men: Do whatever the fuck you want. Fuck whomever you want. Threaten the lives of whomever you want.
- Boys: It's okay to harass, stalk, threaten, and abuse women if they won't sleep with you.
- Women: Male infidelity is acceptable. Shut up, smile, and nod. Stop acting on your desires and deal with the violent consequences when you do.

Funny, this one time I thought it was 2015....not the fucking inquisition of 1515.
My mistake.

"  We are   the granddaughters   of witches   you could not   burn  ."

"We are the granddaughters of witches you could not burn."