January 26, 2015: Seven Decades

It is this stunning woman's 70th lap around our great central star today.
Naturally she's spending the day and night, by herself, up on the wintery slopes of Haleakala.

It is an honor, an immense privilege, and an absolute lifetimes-fulfilling-joy to be one of her four children. I must have accrued karma from saving an entire nation of kittens in a past life to be able to select the mother and father I have today. This woman's strength, intellect (omg she's so smart), intuition (psychic is an understatement), compassion, selflessness, power, discipline, kindness, heart, ferocity, mysticism, non-judgment, and wisdom, wisdom, wisdom are, in my life, unparalleled. Those increasing moments when you begin to realize you are becoming your parents, those bring me so much satisfaction. Because if I can do right by them, by their hard work, by their support, by my mother's absolutely relentless caring and infinite capacity for knowledge, then I know I must be contributing to the world in a positive way.

Mom, Gigi, The Geeg, Ninja-mom, E.W.F., thank you for letting me experience this world as your daughter and as a sibling to the lovely children you have reared. You are a revered teacher to so many and I don't ever take for granted the great blessing it is to have you as my mother.