May 26, 2015: Lā Hānau

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau to this curiously outstandingly paradoxical monkey. Braddah, you been a best friend and trusted confidante since back when we was skinny and awkward (has much really changed?) Your kindness is a dominant quality about you that has and will always persist. Your willingness to listen and act from your na‘au not only serves you, but those around you. And your ever-increasing commitment to (r)evolution is a wonderful path to witness. Ultimately, beyond the legends and folklore is a good, kindhearted local boy with one akamai head on his shoulders (or so says "The Source," so it must be true).

33: It's a most magical number, may it be a most magical year, e ku'u hoaloha. You deserve it. Mahalo and congratulations for you doing you. From one radical Gemini to another, I know it's not always easy but it certainly pays off, sometimes in bigger ways than we could imagine (which is saying a lot, because these imaginations stay all naaahtz).

Whether on the climbing wall, in front of a camera, barefoot in ‘Īao, speaking to a massive audience, gathering la‘au, chandeling, shralping, shacking barrels, or fighting fires you are excelling at it. Love you, braddah. I look forward to seeing the dialectic of epic roll on for years to come Cheeeeeehooooo.