June 26, 2015: I Now Grant You The Permission to Ask Permission

Today's Supreme Court decision was a necessary decision and there is absolute reason to celebrate. That being said, this step is only a small part in the much larger examination of contemporary economy and the subsequent society we build around it. At current, economy dictates our social values - because we let it, not because it should. Marriage found its origin and historical application in the preservation of wealth. Simple as that. A business transaction that favored rich men. Most usually rich, European men. Women, people of color, and the financially poor have been (1) Excluded from the "privilege" of marriage by law and (2) Used as slave currency in the economy of marriage.

As we are taking today to broaden our ideas of marriage, of union, of sacred, of love, I invite everyone to look at all the institutions we habitually agree to with that same openness and willingness to change.

Because: no state sanctioned marriage = no state sanctioned marriage discrimination. Right? Without taking a look at the root discrimination, we are missing the bigger picture.

What I am NOT doing here: I am not condemning everyone who has or will choose conventional marriage. I have a deep respect for those who can recognize the strength and power of deep, honest, open commitment, however that commitment takes shape for them. Indeed, I see that we need more disciplined compassion as it pertains to how we hold one another's hearts and bodies. Bravo to those that are making it happen. And I am certainly not trying to rain on the queer-riffic rainbow pride parade happening right now. Please, I love all things fab-u-lous and colorful. Party on, lovies.

What I AM doing here: I am asking us to examine how necessary certain state contracts are to living a fulfilled life. I am asking us to examine the sacred. To determine for ourselves, as individuals, whether it is necessary for us to have the state declare our love for us or if perhaps there is another way to publicly profess our love to our tribe. Another way to ask for their love and support in holding us accountable to our personally constructed agreements, for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Some will argue (as the article below does) that legalized Same Sex Marriage actually sets the Queer Movement back. I personally don't agree with that tenet, though I see the reasoning. From what I have observed of politics in the U.S., Supreme Court decisions are important components to influence and crystallize popular opinion, especially as it pertains to dispelling bigotry. I do agree though, that a decision such as this doesn't go far enough. What is truly needed is to abolish the pattern, the system of discrimination altogether. That discrimination is not inherently found in our hearts or in our bodies, no, that is where the sacred lives. Discrimination is found in systems of oppression, no matter how big or small. Discrimination and exploitation are the foundation of the capitalist economy. When we continue to treat our love relationships like capitalist relationships, everyone loses. Marriage is, at its core, a capitalist relationship. Indeed, you have the freedom to do with it what you please. But understand that is your immense power of love in charge of that transformation. The state don't got nothing on the sacred, let's not let ourselves believe that it does.

So today, let's celebrate love and let's celebrate love so hard that all the institutions trying to tell us who and how and when and when not to love crumble under the quake of our dancing feet.

To love, commitment, and solidarity <3