July 17, 2015: A Strange and Bitter Crop

The pornographic obsession with violence and domination has indeed been the fertilizer for a strange and bitter crop of entitled, misguided white men.

An old story. A familiar recipe. Blending ingredients of racism, misogyny, and privilege to prepare appetizers of repeated desensitization, followed by entrée of distraction and anesthetization, topped off with a dessert of glorified cruelty (and don't forget the alcohol...a cherished, time-tested elixir of abusers).

I am not about to excuse myself for stating the obvious. I don't "hate white men." News flash: I'm white. I deeply love many white men. Obvs. Though leveraging whiteness and male-ness to justify violence over entire groups of people (Black, Muslim, Indigenous, Women, etc.) is absolutely abhorrent and unacceptable. Know that ignoring privilege (in any positionality) also comprises a kind of indirect violence.

You gonna come at me with "But if 'Merica wasn't so aggressive we'd all be slaves to Russia and China!" Uh huh (because we aren't in debt slavery to China already or anything). Furthermore, in that case why then of all the "advanced democracies" of the world (OECD) does the United States espouse: The highest poverty rate, the highest homicide rate, the largest prison population per capita, the highest infant mortality rate, highest obesity rate, shortest life expectancy (oh, I could go on)....

The U.S. attitude towards international policy (or lack thereof) is reflected here at home. Duh. Abroad (and brown) they are called "terrorists." Within the borders (and white) they are called "disturbed."

For real though y'all. White men ---> It's your responsibility to stop this ridiculousness. Quit making the "minority" groups and the women do all the hard work of calling out the obvious. On. The. Daily. Stand the fuck up and come correct with your white brothers. In big ways. You have agency too. Use it. Black lives matter. Women's lives matter. Muslim lives matter. Women's bodies belong to women. Black women and other women of color are not sex toys.

Some of you already do this, I know. Hooray for you (srsly). But hey, do more. Because according to the FBI, your crazy backwater white militia groups are way more abundant, threatening, and annoying than any other group on their list. So don't go hiding behind your colorblind rainbow flag from United Colors of Benetton claiming your black and brown friends like Boy Scout badges. It's like being in the airport; if you see "suspicious behavior" (replace "suspicious" with "gawdamnracist" or "fuggingmisogynistic") report that shit because (1) that is not okay and (2) it will for sure harm someone you love in the near future.

Want an easy place to start? I got you:

(1) Take it easy on the booze. Like, for serious. Drunk men is some of scariest shit I've ever had to deal with.
(2) Take it easy on the Halo and Call of Duty and Scarface and the porn. Don't make me explain why, I'm already frustrated enough as it is.
(3) Take a deep breath. And repeat...and repeat.