July 22, 2015: Blowing Birthday Bubbles

Here you are my sweet, tender, gorgeous, bad-ass, mermaid-ean, southern belle, island babe, my little crab: hard on the outside but oh so soft on the inside

It's your favorite.
Peering out at you,
underneath the shade of a pareo.
Blue green eyes squinting.
Salty snacks and salty bums.
Coconut oil and coconut wireless...and that coconut syrup.
Tales of excitement and disgust.
Sharing the tiniest, most observant, most poetic,
and romantic details of someones face,
of the way they walk, the way they sleep or breathe.

Long past are the days of iced chai's and sandy's.
Almonds with raisins.
Oranges and gargantuan salads.
Sandy feet in lavender scented trucks.
Acrylics and oils.
So many canvasses.

Of Chinatown and mopeds.
Evening gowns on city streets.
Kicks with pink laces.
Fire chains spun.
Dance floors destroyed.
Hearts destroyed.
Hair destroyed.
Hopes destroyed.
And rebuilt.

New lives now.
So different.
Much the same.

It's all still right here, right under the shade of a pareo.
Sun blazing on my skin,
Blue green eyes peering out from underneath.

I see you there.
And it warms my heart.

I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Even when you drop off the face of Planet Earth.
Even then.
You're there.