September 23, 2015: Do Not Suffer Fools

Save for the occasional internet-creeper-stranger-danger, I have not ever formally "blocked" another user on facebook.

I recognize that I'm not difficult to internet stalk. My website is for goodness sake, I do a blog post every gawd-damn day, I speak publicly, I live on a small island from a family that extends several generations, and thus I hear the things that are said about me; true, false, complimentary, slanderous, and hilarious. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe that nothing stays hidden here. Nor does it take a genius to observe that the best remedy is: Don't have anything to hide.

Truth always rises to the top.

Like many things as of late, my give o' shit meter has taken a wild swing toward the "fuck this noise" end of the spectrum. I can only endure being annoyed for so long before I finally swat the relentlessly shameless mosquito-elephant in the room.