January 17, 2015: Li(e)(n)es

Li(e)(n)es spoken.
Li(e)(n)es repeated.
Lines drawn.
Lines crossed.
Lines re-drawn.
Like a fucking geography lesson,
of the USSR.

I've had it with lines.
I don't do well with linear, generally.
Yet there seems to be no reprieve.
No matter which direction I turn.

Somehow I missed the memo.
The one that informed us all:
Denial is preferable to observation.

Or maybe I didn't....

Photo credit: Not mine.

Photo credit: Not mine.

January 11, 2015: Drug of Choice

Collaborative partnerships.
Free of runaway egos.
Full of boundless hearts.

A shared mission,
which honors the
strength in diversity,

the value of autonomy,
clear communication,
cooperation, and disclosure.

Gathering over good food.
Conceptualizing solutions.
Learning. Humbling. Always.

As above,
so below.

As in vocation,
so in love.

After all,
if done right,
both are simply
a true and honest calling...

One's drug of choice.
This lifetime.

January 19, 2014: her

I decided to treat myself to a date with myself to attend a movie by myself about a man who is by himself and thus starts dating a machine.

Rather than view it as a low moment, which may be the popular view...I interpreted it as a high point.

in the ticket line I ran into a friend (a human machine) doing the same.



November 18, 2013: Love is(n't) Science

Hearts feel.
Minds filter.
Both serve.

Straight from the furnace, the flame burns hot and wildly indiscriminate. A thoughtlessness perceived as "true love".

Transformed and interpreted, the flame feels cooler yet deeply considerate. A thoughtfulness perceived as distance.

The former sparks passion...
and war in those predisposed.
The latter sparks harmony...
and insecurities in those predisposed.

Data; zeroes, and ones -- though a universal language -- are lost in translation, if ever heard at all, when transposed on the commonly accepted language of romantic love in a world addicted to polarities, attachment, and fear of loss.

Russian River, CA


October 23, 2013: Reality Roulette

I'm not a gambler.
Nor did I recognize walking into a casino.
Though the lights were sparkly, the people beautiful, the air thin, and the spirits in full glory.

No amount of fortune telling could give this gypsy the answer she thinks she wants to know...she thinks.

Patience and mindfulness.
Those are the keys.
As per always.

This lesson never gets old does it, Universe?


Bardo, CA


October 17, 2013: Poison Oak and Capitalism


Terribly insidious.
Attractive on the surface...a horror under closer examination.
Rubs off to develop in secret, silently spreading it's infectiousness upon all it comes in contact with.
Growing beyond its sustainable limits, like a parasite, killing the host in a short-sighted slow death kamikaze mission.
Seemingly omnipresent...yet not impossible to destroy.

I've had luck avoiding the former and am working to liberate myself from the latter.

Navarro Ranch, CA


October 16, 2013: Punked by Kafka

So, 16 days later the government decided to turn back on.

I feel our country is being Punked by Kafka and Orwell. Just two little macabre and melancholy angels hiding behind a bush with (G)od, watching their elaborate prank unfold.

You guys can come out now.
We get it.
You were right.
Haha. Cute.
Now make it stop.


the sun rises
and sets.
Until it swallows us whole.
And repeat.

There's comfort in infinite finality.

Perched on a Ridge, CA