December 6, 2014: Māhealani i ka Nā Māhoe

Full M◎◎n in Gemin♊  +  S☉l Conjuct Mercur☿ = Gemini Moonflowerchild grows wings.

"The Gemini Full Moon message is to Step Up. Be brave. Get in the driver seat, empower yourself. You are participating in the most significant astrological event of these opening decades of the 21st century...this Full Moon will bring blessings, vision, truth, promise, protection, and new initiatives that will mobilize us to act.

This Lunation is more about opening the way to the future at the end of an old cycle than deepening past your best to let your heart break open and speak your truth and make space to receive the truth of others as neutrally as possible...honest, forthright communication is necessary and recommended.

In this Full Moon, we shall see signs of being at a collective-cooperative turning point about how our habits and ability to take care of our needs are or are not working, and many will confront a self-transcendence they knew was coming. That time is now.”

Illustration: Summer Starr Astral Insight courtesy of

Illustration: Summer Starr
Astral Insight courtesy of

September 30, 2014: So, is Fall hard for you?

...I was recently asked, jokingly.

The answer: Why, yes. Yes it is.
Not jokingly.

As a Summer, there is a certain sigh of relief combined with an utter discombobulation that comes with the turning of this particular season. The tender dance between the relief of passing the baton and that awkward string of moments in relinquishing tenure. Furthermore, in a place where seasons differ depending on your elevation, it makes for a rather blissfully diverse, schizophrenic existence.

This is where, yoga, pranayama, writing, tea, and kitchari, kitchari, kitchari, come in handy

Day One of the Autumnal Cleanse